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Magna LatchTM is a magnetic Pool Gate latch.

Key Lockable

Meets Australian Standards


Pool Gate latch.

Key lockable.

Meets Australian Standards

Lokk LatchTM

General Purpose Gate latch for most applications.


Because only non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel are used, LOCINOX is rust resistant, for at least 25 years just as your treated gate. This lock is easily installed after the surface treatment of your gate

To ensure that your gate is efficient a burglar resistant lock is essential. LOCINOX is just that: A strong solid, sealed locking unit secured with tamper resistant bolts, that are inaccessible when the gate is locked.

For round or square, on each LOCINOX model the latching and locking bolts have set screw adjustments, allowing easy installation on variable size gate posts. On extra large posts, the latching and locking bolts can be easily refitted.


Quality TRU-CLOSE gate hinges are the latest technology in adjustable, self-closing gate hinges for swimming pools, households and other safety gate applications.

These strong, revolutionary hinges are injection-molded from a special blend of glass-fiber reinforced polymers, which means they never rust, bind, wear, sag or stain.

The superior strength and rust-free performance of TRU-CLOSE means the hinges offer double the life expectancy of any comparable product.

The internal torsion spring is made of high-grade stainless steel to ensure smooth, powerful closure and long life, even in the harshest seaside or arid environments.


  • 100% Rust Resistant
  • Burglar Resistant Key Lock
  • Adapts to various post sizes
  • Only seconds to install
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